Monday, July 18, 2011

The Beginning

is this real? it seems crazy to believe that somewhere out there, hundreds of miles away, on a continent i have never been to, are two little kids who are mine. or will be soon. it doesn't seem real yet. but soon!! i think when i hold their pictures and hear their names i will finally believe it's true.

two boys? girls? one of each? babies? 2 year olds? twins? siblings? no present relation? 

small? chubby? mild medical problems? 

so the latest is that we are waiting to be matched. we have been waiting since the end of may. we will hopefully be matched by november. when we have accepted the match, it is a 3 month wait until our court date in uganda. we plan to take all of the kids with us because we will be in country for 4-6 weeks. yeah, i can't leave them for that long. it's actually very exciting to take them all and let them experience the birth country of their new siblings. they are totally stoked about this whole thing!

so this is the beginning of our adoption story.

i welcome any feedback. if you have adopted or have suggestions for this new blogger, give it to me.

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  1. Not a blogger by any stretch, but definitely a father with a heart for adoption. Very excited with you as you continue on this journey that God started long ago. It brings back a flood of memories on our journey and the may things I have learned and the emotions that pull on my heart strings! I bless you and your family for following Gods command to look after the fatherless and eagerly await the news and addition to our family! Love you guys!