Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Never Ever!

On my walk this morning I got to thinking.

Adoption is expensive. Those fundraisers were great but we still  have some big bills ahead of us.
Sheesh. We had better be getting a lot of potatoes out of that ground. And we had better get a pretty penny for every last one of them.
<scrunch, scrunch> 
(lots of leaves)
And if we don't then... well, we could do another fundraiser. Maybe we could have a give-away. Maybe some famous people could put it on their blogs. Maybe we could rub shoulders with some really rich dude and he would just give us the money. Maybe...

And then God stopped me in my tracks.
<scrunch, scr>

Have I EVER let you sit?
Have I EVER asked you to do something and then not provided the money (and energy and vision and support) for you to do it?

Um, no God. Never. Never! NEVER EVER! NOT EVEN ONCE!

Before Jon and I got married we knew God wanted us to go to China. (I'm smiling to myself cuz I just love these memories.) So we got married and because we weren't going to stick around, there was no reason to buy stuff. We had the couch set my husband grew up on, we used my mom's old lamps. We did buy a mattress for the floor. Our water tasted like nasty eggs so we had to buy water. Not bottled water. Oh no, no. Too expensive. We would buy it by the gallons at Wal-mart. That even got too expensive so we would just take jugs to my cousins house and thieve their water. Those were great times.


God provided everything we needed! Money for missions training, taxes, plane tickets.

Then we moved, with one baby in tow. Our family grew.

And God provided everything we needed!

There were two churches and a few individuals who shared their money with us.

Then it was time to return to the States. We needed a minivan. I was so excited for this. Just to think that we would have this ginormous vehicle all to ourselves with a roof and everything! Dude.

Our Old People Bike in China. It was awesome!

But... we didn't have the money. 

God provided again! 

My mom, super cool chic that she is, told friends and family of our need and gathered like, $7,000 for our vehicle fund. A van and new tires. Bonus!

Can you see why I was so stoked?

Has God ever let us down? Has he ever not provided when he asked us to do something?

Never! Not once, not ever ever EVER!

So, I'm just gonna chill. One way or another, I know he will provide. I know it.

Because that has been my experience.

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