Thursday, November 17, 2011

My Ramblings- Prayer and the Phone Call

How many times in this thing called adoption have I been like, what was that?

More often than I ever imagined. 

Things don't go quite as planned. What was supposed to take weeks, took months. The paper that we were expecting came way early. What? The training that was supposed to be so helpful is... less than helpful.

Geez this takes patience. 

The biggest what? came on Tuesday.

But let's back up a few months.

Confession is good for the soul so... here goes.

I have always believed in prayer but maybe not like I should have. 

Probably because I really hate when Christians use prayer to demand ask for stuff like a big house, healing from the sniffles, etc... 

I sorta started thinking that prayer didn't do a whole lot. I knew for sure that it wasn't just pushing buttons so God would have to do what we ask him to. I grew up in the church and have had a relationship with Jesus for as long as I can remember so I knew that that particular belief about prayer wasn't really <ahem> scriptural.

It's been like this for me: God is super awesome. He knows what's best, he loves me, he can do whatever the heck he wants. So I will tell him what I need and then I'm gonna leave it at that, cuz he does what he does and what he does is good.

Than about a month ago God started hitting me with stuff on prayer.

First I was listening to an innocent podcast and this thing on prayer came up. The passage in Matthew talking about the rude neighbor who comes banging on the door at midnight because he needs a snack for his guests. 

And God said to me, keep asking. If that dude gets up and gives his rude neighbor what he asks for even tho he is annoyed, I will definitely give you what you are asking for.

Than it was another podcast telling me to pray. Sigh.

Than I found these verses in Isaiah 62: 
"You people who remind the Lord of your needs in prayer should never be quiet.
You should not stop praying to him until he builds up Jerusalem."

Ok, ok. I get it!

We had gotten a phone call from our agency a few weeks before this. They said that there is this 18 month old girl with a special need and wondered if we were interested in her. We said YES! 
They said ok we will get you her profile. It might take a week or two.

So while waited, we did more research on this special need. We finished the extra training that we had started this summer. We talked to parents who have children with this special need. 

I prayed like mad because that was what God was obviously telling me to do. I pleaded with him to bring home our kids. I asked again and again for him to make it go quickly. I pleaded for God to rescue that little sweetie from orphan-hood and give her a forever family. Our family. I prayed hard.

And I got so flipping excited.

For 7 weeks (yes seven) I carried my phone with me always and jumped whenever it rang.

And then it did ring. And it was not good news.

To anyone still reading... I will finish this post tomorrow. How did it got so flippin' long?

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  1. God is more then awesome!!!November 17, 2011 at 3:56 PM

    Hang in there C~DOG God isnt finished either :)