Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Get Your Password

Ok people. The time has come. I procrastinated for as long as I could but it is now time to switch to a new site. I have a new blog and you will need a password to get in. 

Why? We have been advised to make this part of our adoption journey private to protect our adoption. Not private like no one can read it but private like scary people can't see it. Anyway, you are invited to my other possibly-cool blog. It is my intention to post there now and while we are in Uganda until the adoption is finalized. 

Just e-mail or message me and I will give you the password. Also you might want to join this site because I will be posting a link here but I won't be posting the link on facebook. That would be kind of rude: Come check out my blog! Oh wait, you can't! Ha! 

Did that make sense?

So if you click on Join this site, it will send you an e-mail notice or you can find it on your own blog. Mom, you can call me if you still have questions. 

So my new blog is here.

And these pictures bring back memories. What a crazy weekend! My dear Sweet left on Thursday for a long weekend in Oregon with his cousins. Sounds like fun huh? Well after waiting almost 9 months for "the phone call," it came the one time we were apart. So from Friday at noon until Monday night, we mostly processed the news on our own. We talked on the phone twice but the connection was bad and face it, something this big needs to be talked about in person!

So this is what the kids were doing while I prayed and paced and kept stuffing my excitement back down my throat.

And this is what my Sweet did. Oh there was some work-related obligations. But let's face it, being with two of his favorite people... all weekend... with no kids. I'm really glad he had a great guy weekend. It might have to last him a really. long. time. Love you Sweet!

I'm sure that timing was all part of God's plan. I can see it now. But wow, was that weird. And pretty dang hard.

God knows what He's doing.

More on that later.

So if you want to keep following our adoption story, we would be honored. Just drop me a line.


  1. I'd love to get my password - if i'm not to scary for you??? junowhat4@juno.com

    you guys are awesome! -mary b

  2. Can I follow along too? dorbe17@gmail.com

    Dorothy B.

  3. count me in I'm so excited you got THE CALL!!!!!


  4. we'd love to follow along!

  5. If it's ok for just blogging "friends" that are a few months behind you to follow then we would love to pray and follow your journey. If so, my email is rodeooo@me.com.

    So exciting!

  6. I'd love to follow your adoption story. lyndsi83@gmail.com

  7. just finishing up our I-600A and waiting on a referral from Uganda ourselves so we are excited to follow you guys and pray for you!! please send us your password for your protected blog! amandamorgantoo@gmail.com

  8. We would love to follow and pray! nateginamiller@yahoo.com

  9. I would love to follow along. Your story is inspiring!

  10. I would love to follow your new blog, too. You don't know me, but Mary, Dorothy, and Lyndsi do. Promise I'm not scary. openmouth318@gmail.com Thanks! Marcia

  11. Would like you password! :) stoffel2@frontier.com

  12. I would love to read all thes old posts you have- we just brought back a SN child from Ug in Dec. '11. We are waiting for a second child now :)
    Would love to look back on your journey and learn and pray for your family's future.