Friday, July 20, 2012

Crafty Us

I would much rather post up-dates about our adoption.
But I have none. 
Except the wait may be even longer than we were thinking.

But that is depressing.

So I am going to think about the bright spots in our lives.
Specifically in our dining room.

To you crafters, this is probably such an old idea, but I just found it and I loved it!

Kid's Painted Canvases

1. We started with blank canvases.

2. I used painters tape to make large letters and scrapbooking letters to write a verse.

3. The kids each got a paper plate full of delicious colors and filled in their canvases.

4. We let them dry.

5. I peeled the painters tape off.

5. Brushed 2 layers of modge podge on the canvases.

6. Hung them!

Happy kids.

Happy Mom.

Bright spot.

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