Friday, August 2, 2013

Science and Life Experiments

Most adoption blogs I follow have a fizzling effect in common. And now I get it. After the new kid actually comes home and we don't write "This is a Paperwork Update" and "GAAA! We have a Referral!", what else is there to write about? 

The truth is, there is still so much that I want to write about. But two things keep me from it: 
1. The 6 tornados that live with me.
2. Adoption is harder on us than what we thought and that is hard to write about. But I think I will try sometime.

So I feel like I am experimenting with life. 

What happens when I add just a little bit more activity?
What about a bit more hormones?
Less sleep and more rocking and cuddling?
What happens when I run low on patience and substitute Word World?

Eva is experimenting too. 
I wonder what happens when I disobey?
Let's see how much toilet paper I can cram down the sink.
What would this balloon feel like in my mouth. And this money. And this crayon. And this silly putty. And this toe.

We see changes in her every week! It is so fun to see her learning new things. She colors and cuts and pastes and plays with toys!! She jumps off the diving board and puts rubber bands in her dolly's hair. She has chubbies now and when I pick her up I grunt. That is a very good thing.

The relationships in our house are still a work in progress. {Sigh.} 
God, we need you.


Today was rainy. Again. 

And it was either, shake things up a bit or go crazy. So we did some shaking. 

What did we do before the internet?

We found all these great sites of science experiments for kids!

We did a Sparkly Explosion.

Which went on to become a foamy explosion.
And we did a very Foamy Explosion.

And our old favorite, Cornstarch Slime!

Come to think of it, those science experiments are a great picture of our lives right now. 
But still colorful and interesting.

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