Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Photogenic Beautiful Us in 2014

With all of the Pintrest and Instagram and Facebook activity in my life, showing me beautiful three cheese gourmet grilled paninis, beautiful scarf-braided hair, beautiful little snacky-snacks for my preschooler, I have had my fill of beautiful. 

And then I find myself drawn to the real. The non-Pintrest. The genuine. The everyday.

So if you are needing a dose of non-beautiful real life, or if you just want to feel better about yourself, then this post is for you. I'm pretty sure it will boost your self confidence.

The Yoder's Awkward Album

Take a second look at me, because that is the most normal you will see me. My daughter, she is the best. The best at looking awkward. The camera loves her.

Here is something really fun about my husband. Every summer he shaves his head bald for the shear joy of it. Did you catch that? Shear? And then every winter he grows it out. But the fun part is when it's time to shave again, he gets a really flattering cut for the day. This year's style was one of my favs. 

Do you think I would actually wear that dress? Ok, yes I did. Just to my sister's Bacheorette Laser Tag Party, re.lax.

Aren't they sweet? And creative?

I feel like I have nailed the Bed Head. And quite possibley the Chlorinated Fro.

I told you she was the best.

These. I just cannot get over these. So funny. Eva was (apparently) slightly nervous for her first day of Preschool. 

And there are many more just like it. I finally just gave up and tried again the next week. Oh gosh those are funny. 

Happy New Year from my perfectly normal family to yours!

And thanks to Wendy Hagen's blog for the Awkward Family picture idea. 

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