Sunday, November 22, 2015

My Tattoo, Part 2

Every tattoo has a story and here is mine.

Missed Part 1? Slip on over and read it real quick.

Jon and I had the privilege of traveling to Uganda to meet our new daughter and staying with her for a month while we went through the necessary medical appointments, paperwork and documentation to bring her home. It was fabulous. It was also a long time to be away from our other five kids. A long, long time. 

After four weeks, we decided that I should travel home and Jon would stay with Eva until her paperwork was all ready for her to leave Uganda and enter the US of A. 

Walking out of that airport to greet my first five kids, I felt like a celebrity. If you want your kids to really appreciate you, go ahead and take a long absence. 

The flight from Entebbe, Uganda goes through Kilgali, Rwanda and on to Amsterdam before heading back to North America. One week later my husband and new daughter were on that very long flight home.

I have heard Jon talk about that flight home so many times. The non-verbal three year old who didn't sleep but tapped her daddy all night long to show him her video. Isn't she adorable?

While my new daughter and her daddy were 30,000 feet in the air making this adoption a reality, I was sitting in the artist's chair, getting a permanent reminder of my own adoption. 

The words "Adopt" and "Adopted" are not used once in the Old Testament Hebrew language although there are stories of people making children their own. (I.e. the Princess and Moses.) 

It was Paul who first splashed that big substantial word on his letters to the Romans, Galatians and Ephesians, painting a clear picture to his non-Jewish audience of what God wanted out of this relationship with people. 

But isn't Hebrew such a beauty? Though the word adopted is not found written in Hebrew in my Bible, the concept of adoption is all over it.

God is such a good good Father. How absolutely crazy it is to be adopted by him. I think I will spend the rest of this life wowed by this thought. I hope I never get over it.

My new daughter and I, chosen and adopted. 

November is National Adoption Month. 

There are so many kids out there, yet to be chosen and adopted.

UNICEF gives us the large number of 13 million kids. Thirteen million kids who have lost both mom and dad. Thirteen million kids who need a family to step up on their behalf.

This number does not include the many kids who are living in orphanages or streets because one parent has died and left their family in a desperate situation. 

What about our own country? What does this look like in the States?

400,000 kids in the US foster system

100,000 ready to be adopted right now

350,000 churches in the US

I think God wants those kids in families, don't you? He has plans for them. He has a purpose for them. He has a family for each one of them. Maybe one of those families is yours. 

40% of adults in this country have considered adoption, according to the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption website.

I believe that God is stirring up his church, his own kids, to pass along what they have received: adoption.

I don't believe that God calls every believer to adopt but I believe he calls us all to love the things he loves, like kids who need a home. Maybe he is calling you to pray for them, to raise funds for another family adopting, to advocate for them.

God is calling some of you to adopt. 

It is so breathlessly exciting to get that nod from God, that Go Ahead nod. I talked to a friend just today who is starting the adoption process with her husband after a couple of years of feeling that stirring. 

Most of us know someone who has adopted and chances are pretty high that they would love to talk to you about their experiences and how to get started. I would love to talk to you as well! 

May many more children be chosen and adopted!
Happy National Adoption Month!

Want more info?
Bethany Christian Services- Bethany has offices in 36 states and is passionate kids and families. Great source of info on infant, domestic and international adoptions. 

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