Wednesday, December 7, 2016

5 Ways to Get Scripture into Your Busy Life

We know we should.
We know we need it.
We know that reading our Bibles is of immense value.

But sometimes life gets so crazy that we don't make time for it. 

I remember when we had five kids, the oldest was five, and I barely looked at my hair in a week, much less a book. My life was Survival Busy.

You too, probably feel busier than you would like. Maybe you feel downright swamped. With all that is asked of you and all that you are responsible for, how do you take care of your spirit? How can you connect with God when you feel overloaded? 

Reading the Bible is only one of the ways to connect with God but it's a big one. So let's talk about it.

Here are five simple ways to ingest Scripture in the middle of a busy life:

1. Get a verse by email everyday.

The YouVersion Bible app is the best thing that has happened to Christendom since nursery class. It has been installed on a quarter of a billion devices. Billion with a B. They now offer Bibles in 1,045 languages. And one of those is English, which I am very thankful for. 

Those Bible geniuses have set up a verse of the day and you can get it sent directly to your inbox. I will tell you how.

On any page of YouVersion, touch More in the bottom right corner.
Touch Settings.
Touch Notification Settings.
Scroll to the bottom. Touch Verse of the Day.
Slide Get Daily Email button.
Set up your preferred time and version.

Now every day a lovely verse will pop into your inbox and you can read it without even trying. Lovely.

2. Fall asleep listening to Scripture.

That lovely YouVersion will read chapters and verses to you as you drift into slumber land. Choose from a dozen versions read by different smooth voices and allow the timer to shut it down after 10 minutes or 2 hours, however long you need to fall asleep. 

I have found that listening to Scripture at the end of a long day is a great way to unwind and refocus.

3. Wear Scripture tattoos.

Have you seen these? Armed With Truth has temporary tattoos of Scripture verses to help you memorize or keep truth close to your mind all day. Choose from ten different themes, like Identity or Father God. They even have a tattoo package for kids with ten powerful verses every kid should know. 

The prophet Moses urged his people to wear God's words on their hands and their foreheads as constant reminders of how big God was in their lives. Three thousand years later, the idea lives on.

4. Meditate in the shower.

There is value in reading generous portions of the Bible at a time and in those genuinely busy seasons, the single verse and even the phrase are perfectly sized for brooding over.

This trick is a go-to for me when time is low but my dependence on God is especially high. Grab a verse- maybe the one that comes into your mailbox daily or the one perched on your arm- and read it out loud. Then repeat it as you scrub or get dressed. As you let the words and concept roll through your mind and you ponder what it means, God's truth does it's work. 

And sometimes one timely phrase from God is more powerful than a whole chapter. Especially is your chapter is from Leviticus. 

5. Read it to someone.

It is not always possible to sneak away from our people and ingest Bible verses. So what about reading it to our people?

In our family, we read a few verses in the morning while the kids eat their breakfast. Or in a pinch, we read on the van ride to school. If you read bedtime stories with your kids, choose a Jesus story and pay attention. 

If you don't have kids at home with whom to read Scripture, maybe a telemarketer will call and you can freak them out.

I am absolutely convinced that God's words are alive and powerful and that the Bible is stuffed with them. Reading those words brings life and power to me and you. 

And who doesn't need life and power in the midst of their busy weeks?

What tricks you have discovered? What ways do you pull Scripture into your active life? Please share your secrets.


  1. One thing that has been a big help to me in this is having the right parents. Make sure you have the right patents because if your parents teach you to read the Bible every day, chances are really good it'll be normal, a habit, to you and you will continue it. If you didn't manage to make sure you had the right parents, then you can start being the right parent so your kids will have that history and daily reading will be their normal.
    (And if this kind of tongue in cheek is genuinely offensive to anyone, my profound apologies. I'm just telling it like it has happened in my life.) Most of my friends/acquaintances who struggle with daily Bible reading came from a family where they didn't have regular family devotions. Overcoming family culture so one can incorporate time with God is no cakewalk. I feel for you, but it's worth the struggle to change your children's life direction.

    1. 😃
      If only we had perfect parents. If only we could be that perfect parent.