Monday, August 22, 2011

The Cow Plops!

So we had our fundraiser! 
We sold close to 300 tickets.
We borrowed a very large cow.
We put up the fence and the grid. Well, the guys did.
We made road apples and lemonade. That was us ladies.
And then it was HER turn.
This is Lana the 1300 lb crapper

She enters the square.
We wait.
And wait.
45 minutes.
And then she drops it on square D11.
Congrats Chupp Insurance!

But while we waited we had fun!

We all love cow plops. Simply love.

We did some face painting.
And arm painting. 
And then the kids filled in the blank spots.

My sis-in-law raised money for us by volunteering to kiss the cow.
She had jars with cow part pictures on it and your money was your vote.
She raised over $200 for us in her jars!
Mo kissed the cows back. 
I was secretly (maybe not so secretly) voting for the udder.

The kiss

Wickey's and Yoder's

A big, actually large,
thank you!
to everyone who supported us in this fundraiser!

To everyone who bought tickets, sold tickets for us,
kissed the cow, wrote articles, spread the word...
thank you so much!
You rock!

Total profit...

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