Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Lovin' them Tees

May I just say our friends rock!
We started selling these really great Simply Love T-shirts in February and just kept selling them and our friends kept buying them and wearing them and advertising for us. Some of our friends gave way more than the price of the shirts saying "we believe in what you are doing." And some people just gave money!

Ben and his friend Carter selling t-shirts at the missions conference in Ohio.

We sold a ton at the missions conference, facebook, church, friends of friends, friends of sisters...
Seriously, THANKS GUYS!

We have a few shirts left if anyone is interested. Check out the T-shirts tab at the top.


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  1. Hi Cari!! Thanks for your comment on my blog a couple of weeks ago! I looked at your post on the cow-plop fundraiser and I think we're going to try something similar! Thanks for the suggestion!! I'll be talking about it on my blog after our yardsale (only 2 weeks away!) and of course will give you credit for the idea :) Thanks again!!

    BTW... your kiddos look ADORABLE in their shirts!