Monday, September 19, 2011

What the Kids are Saying

Almost everyday someone talks about getting the babies. In our prayers, at the dinner table, when they play with a toddler.

My hubby and I have read so much and done adoption training but my kids haven't. Sometimes I wonder how to better prepare them.
But they love to talk about the new Yoder kids.

So this morning I asked them some questions about their new siblings and here is what I got:

"I want to adopt a girl just like baby Kate." That was Max. He also wants to name her Baby Kate. (Kate is their dear little cousin.)

What are you guys most excited about?
Ben: That I have other siblings to pick on.
(He was grinning and said he was just kidding. Hmm...)
Madi: Everything but changing diapers. Not cleaning their barf, playing with them, holding them standing up (I think she means carrying them around)
Zoe: I'm excited to feed them. I have never fed a baby!
Mia: Holding the babies.
Max: That I'm going to be bigger than the babies!

All good reasons to be excited, right?

I asked the most debated question, if you could pick, would you choose 2 girls, 2 boys or one of each?
Madi, Zoe and Mia: One of each!
Ben: Two boys! Then the boys will win. (no competition in this house)
Max: I think we will have a dark skinned girl. (just can't get over baby Kate)

And before you think I'm setting them up for disappointment,we talk a lot about being happy with whatever God gives us because he has two great kids picked out for our family. Breath easy.

They are really excited about going to Uganda too.Top things to be excited about:
~Buying gifts for my teachers and my friends
~Riding on the airplane
~Going to visit Issac (one of the Mwangaza Children's Choir kids)
~Having fun with the Ugandan kids. Hey, we could make new friends!
~I hope it's hot there
~Seeing our babies!

Max and Ben, almost 5 and 9
(playing with corn starch water and pretending it is snot. I think they are sneezing.)

Madi, Zoe and Mia, almost 8, 6 and almost 5

Madi and her friend Issac

I haven't found a lot of info on preparing your current children for adoption. I'm not really worried, kids are adaptable right? If you know of any good books or articles on the subject let me know.

For now, we keep waiting, dreaming and praying.

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