Friday, October 28, 2011

Whining? Who me?

Yes, we are still waiting.
Five months ago we got our approval from CSI.
(Jon called me to tell me the approval came in the mail while I was shopping at the Gap outlet mall. And I thought the day couldn't get much better.)
Five months ago we were officially put on the waiting list at Lifeline.
Five. Months.

Last night at our adoption training we met a couple who has been waiting for two years!

We have some dear friends who have been waiting more like 
three years!

Ok, I'm gonna stop whining right now.

So what do we do while we wait?

I have tried sitting by the computer watching my inbox while holding my phone and sneaking quick peeks at it, in case it rang but I didn't hear it.

Those days were long and stressful.

So we are trying to live life normally.

We still celebrate birthdays.
The twins are five! 

We celebrated Daddy's Not Working Today at Jungle Joe's.
(Ya think Daddy was ready for some time off?)

We cheered for our favorite Bulldog.

One of my sweet friends recently had a Word for me.
God needed to remind me that all his gifts are good,
including the gift of time.

So I'm trying to make everyday count.
Studying the Bible with my kids,
working on respect issues,
volunteering in the kid's classrooms,
riding around the fields with my hubby,
trying to keep my soul at rest.

(Geez, that sounds so perfect.
I also read lots of adoption blogs and eat way too much junk food.
Just to balance that out.)

But seriously, if you try to call me with a new number
I might just have a heart attack.
Or at least answer with a breathless "hello?!"

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  1. i know waiting on GODS timing is not always easy. i find it is usually people who already have answers to their prayers that make it sound so easy to wait patiently lol. but i really like your perspective while waiting on GOD your taking inventory of all the wonderful answers to prayer GOD has already given you :) so as you wait, enjoy his already answered prayers and i am ever so confident he is already in the process of answering this one as well. It is never to long to wait on the best God has for you, just ask Abraham and Sarah :)