Tuesday, November 29, 2011


ShoutOut Time!

I just have to give a little whoop-whoop to God and to my Sweet.

Sunday morning my hubby got up at our church meeting 
to call our attention
to the plight of orphans.

He was trying not to cry.
(I secretly loved that.)

And then he told his short little story
about not really wanting to adopt.

He told us how he got a kick in the butt
by a speaker about 
just doing the thing that you know God is asking you to do.

My Sweet then reminded all the guys that they were made for great things. 
And that orphans needed them.
And that they need to Man Up and care for orphans.

Yeah, it was pretty cool.

I gotta tell ya, two years ago
he was not putting his quarters in this ride.
If ya know what I mean.

He thought it would be crazy to adopt.

So for the first time in my life,
I didn't nag.
I didn't whine or hint or judge.
I just prayed.
(I actually sorta forgot about it after awhile.)

And then God did what God does best.

I know there are other ladies out there who are holding out
for their hubbies to feel the same way about adoption as they do.

Keep praying!
Keep trusting God.
And try to be subtle.

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