Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Well friends,
you might be thinking by now-
if this is an adoption blog than why aren't they adopting.

We are.

The timeline looks something like this:

Oct '10- decide yes! let's for real do this!
Nov/Dec '10- decide on Uganda
Jan-March '11- complete homestudy
April/May '11- wait for our USCIS
May '11- Begin to wait for our children 

Originally we were told that, from beginning of homestudy to bringing our kids home would be around 12 months. 

That would be now folks.

Then the time was adjusted. They said it would be longer.
They said please be flexible.

They said it would be 6 months until we are matched with our kids. It's 7 months and counting.

So it looks like Uganda is going thru some changes. Like getting a different Consular. Like changing a few rules on adoption. 

Yes it is frustrating. Especially when I am at home all day while the big kids are in school and daddy is around home a lot and it's just the perfect time to travel! IMHO. In the spring Jon gets busy with farm stuff so traveling then isn't ideal. And I would love to bring the babies back during the school year so I can spend a lot of time with just them, bonding and getting to know them without having to divide my time so much. 

But all of this is so out of my hands. There is not one. thing. I. can. do. 
Except trust God.

I'm trying, really I am.
Some days are easier than others.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know what is happening (or not happening), so you didn't start thinking I was a fraud just pretending to want to adopt. 

One of these days we will be matched.
And then watch out world!

God never changes his mind about the people he calls 
and the things he gives them!
Romans 11:29


  1. My name is Erin. Somehow I came across your blog. It must be God. As I read your post I started laughing because we have been on the exact timeline as your family in our Ugandan adoption as well. We are just starting our seventh month as we anxiously await our referral. Somedays it's just good to know we are not alone. Thanks for your post! Maybe we shall meet in Uganda:)

  2. I agree...sometimes it' easier to stay busy with my 3 kiddos and it seems to take away the ache of waiting. No, we did not live in UG. We are stateside missionaries and my husband has traveled to UG over a dozen times working in the north with the Karamaong tribe. I went over with him once and LOVED it. Once we felt God leading us to adopt... UG was a for sure! Are you guys working with an agency?