Thursday, January 5, 2012

It's an Interesting Life

I got schooled. From my kids again.

We had a great week in Florida with family and spent a few days on the beach. Actually New Year's Day we were there at like, 8:30 AM. Part <groan>, part awesome!

So we 7 walk the beach our eyes peeled for sand dollars. Some of the kids are lagging waaaay behind examining every tiny shell in sight. Some of the kids are ahead of us laggers with the Dad man. There are pieces of dollars and shells everywhere. Even some crab pieces. Cool.

I start praying something like "hey God, would you please help us find some real sand dollars. It would mean so much to the kids to have a perfect, unbroken one. Please?"

And then my oldest starts hollering my name and comes running towards me.

Mom! I found tons of pieces! Look at all these sand dollars!

That, my friends is where I want to be. Content. Excited Content. Maybe you would call that Satisfied. Perfect sherfect. Things don't have to be perfect. I don't have to have more. I just need to be Satisfied with the beautiful things that I already have.

So that was a great moment between God and me.

Another interesting moment at slightly higher decibels happened last night. Technically this morning.
We are on our way home from vaca and spent last night at a hotel. At 1 am we were awakened by the nasty fire alarm. Fuzzy headed and fuzzy haired we all stumbled out of our room, most without even a sweatshirt, and Geez! those sirens are loud!
So we find ourselves outside, barely dressed, watching for smoke. None came but we did get to see some real firemen. 
And we all went inside and sat in the lobby. So much for safety first.

Our ears were still ringing this morning.

One thing I found interesting is all the people who stayed in their rooms. People were returning to their rooms and knocking, and their suicidal family members would open the door and then shuffle back to their beds.

I guess you see things differently when you have kids.

And speaking of kids, I wonder how much longer we are going to be able to all stay in one hotel room. 

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