Thursday, February 23, 2012

Closer and Closer

Oh baby, we are getting close! 

(Due to the process and privacy and what-not, I can't post any pictures of our handsome little man. So content yourself with these gems. Or not.)

Yesterday our paperwork came in the mail. See the excitement?

Never mind that we were hoping to have it Saturday morning and expecting it for sure by Tuesday. Yeah, I was pretty much sitting by my kitchen window all day Wednesday just waiting for that FedEx truck.

This morning we got all of it notarized. I think we might be responsible for the destruction of a few forests. There were over 50 papers in that stack.

Jon appeasing my need for a shot. Thanks Sweet.

Then we mailed it! 


And now we are back to waiting. Which we are getting pretty good at. Right, God?We really don't need more practice. Right? Right?

We are really praying for a March court date! For a few reasons:
   #1- our baby really needs to be home with his adoring family.
   #2- spring on the farm is... shall we say, busy.

To anyone who has said a prayer for us lately, you are my hero! Please don't stop!


  1. That is awesome! We will be praying the court date comes VERY, VERY soon!

  2. Congratulations- that is so exciting!!!!