Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Living in the '80's or 2000's? Take this QUIZ!

Back in the 1980's, much was unknown about AIDS and HIV.
Knowledge is power!
What do you know? And why is it important to know?

Test your HIV IQ!

1. When you hear the term HIV+, do you feel:
a. uncomfortable
b. interested
c. fearful

2. What does HIV stand for?

3. What does AIDS stand for?

4. What image comes to mind?
a. Magic Johnson
b. kids playing jump rope
c. a thin lady laying in a hospital bed

5. The rate of HIV is currently increasing worldwide.
True or False?

6. Of the 33.3 million people with AIDS/HIV, how many live in the US?
a. 1.2 million
b. 3 million
c. 8 million

7. 3.4 million of those infected with HIV are:
a. Caucasian 
b. heterosexual 
c. little kids

8. HIV can be passed from one person to another by:
a. sharing a juice box
b. swimming in the same kiddy pool
c. kisses
d. diaper duty
e. a really snotty sneeze

9. HIV can NOT be passed on by:
a. sexual contact
b. shared needles
c. birthing a baby
d. getting pooped on

10. The chances of getting HIV from an infected kid who has a bleeding knee is:
a. nearly impossible
b. unlikely
c. very likely

11. ARV's (AntiRetroViral drugs) can lower the HIV to almost undetectable.
True or False?

12. Kids who grow up on ARV's will most likely live to be:
a. college age
b. middle age
c. retirement age


1. If you felt uncomfortable or fearful, I hope in the next 5 minutes you start to feel more comfortable as your fears are relieved and your eyes are opened. I know that was true for me.

2. HIV stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus. Four bonus points if you got that one right.

3. AIDS stands for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. 

4. You are right! All of those pictures came to my mind. And my mind is always right. HA! 

5. False! The rate of HIV transmissions is currently DECREASING!

6. Of the 33.3 million people with AIDS/HIV, only 1.2 million of them live in the US of A.

7. There are 3.4 million kids with HIV living in our world today, many of them orphaned by AIDS.

8. HIV cannot be passed on by a brother kissing his mommy, cousins sharing a fudgecicle, bathing with siblings even if the baby pees in the tub, or any saliva of any kind. 

9. HIV cannot even be passed on through a wayward bowel movement.
HIV is transmitted through sexual contact
                                     breast feeding
                                     blood to blood contact (such as shared needles).

10. NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE! The infected blood would have to get directly into your bloodstream, not just an open wound. The chances continue to go downhill if the child is "undetectable."

11. False! ARV's can lower HIV levels to completely undetectable! 

12. Kids who have been on ARV's and have their HIV under control will go on to live normal, long, healthy lives! Able to get married and have babies who are uninfected by the virus. How cool is that?


14-16 points- brilliant!
7-13 points- still ahead of the majority
0-6- hey, now you know!

Why is it important to know this stuff?

Because there are kids out there who are HIV+ and who need families!

Maybe if we know, we will be willing to adopt them.
Maybe if we know, we will be gracious and accepting of our friends who adopt them.
Maybe if we know, we can act on our knowledge instead of out of ignorance.

And I think that would make God very happy.

For HIV facts and more facts, check out those links or visit some of these:

I have done some training and some research but I am no expert. If you find something that can be disputed, please let me know.

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  1. So glad you posted this! We are considering changing our adoption parameters to include HIV Positive. Thanks for educating!