Sunday, May 13, 2012

Five are, Two are not

I wasn't expecting a Mother's Day like this.

I was served breakfast in bed by 5, as I got ready for the service I was only interrupted by 5, and I only passed out 5 pieces of gum in the van. 

This morning my eyes stung as I slipped my empty lockets around my neck. It feels like something is missing. 

Something is missing.

Someones. was a beautiful Mother's Day!

Even the normal pictures don't turn out very normal. 

I pulled out my It's-My-Day card and got them all to go on a walk in the woods (marsh) with me, one of my favorite family things.

Then Jon thought a family picture on a log across the water would be fun. It was fun. FUNny!

What a great day it was!

1 dead plant
2 back rub coupons
6 live plants
8 art projects
9 cards
= a smiling mama

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to my fellow moms!

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