Monday, August 13, 2012

Happy Birthday Baby J

It was circled on my calendar with green permanent marker. 
August 13.

Months ago, when we thought Baby J was going to be ours, I circled his birthday.

So today, the kids and I did a mini birthday party for him. I don't think we have ever done a birthday party for an absentee before. 

I let the kids write little notes to him. Actually, they stamped them. I didn't know stamping would be such a big hit. I'm learning not to throw anything out! The stuff that I loved in my teens can be repurposed. Side note.

"J, I love you. I hop you hav a fun (time being) 2." 

That was from Mia. The other notes were similar with I love you's and I miss you's. 

And who can have a birthday without cupcakes? Isn't is amazing how quickly 2 dozen cupcakes can disappear? 

Surprisingly, there were no tears today. It was 4 months ago that we came home without him. Today the girls said yet again, "I wish he could be our brother. I miss him!"

Although the kids still pray for baby J and he comes up in conversation about once a week, time does heal hearts, little and big. 

Sometimes I wonder why I keep bringing memories of him up and keep his face fresh in their minds. I'm not sure. Maybe I want to make sure they don't let bitter attitudes take root in their hearts. Maybe I feel that there is a special reason God had us be his Wannabe Family for a week. Maybe I want to keep us all on our knees for him.

For whatever reason it is, we don't forget him. He will be in our hearts forever.

So baby J, so far away from us, waking up to roosters, laying on your Bob the Builder sheets, waiting for Miss Agnus to get you your morning bottle...

You are precious and God has big plans for you!
Happy Birthday Sweetie!

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