Monday, August 27, 2012

Tie-Dye Time (or Last Creative Effort of the Summer)

Somebody nicely gave Zoe a tie-dying kit for her birthday. That was the middle of June. And I think the nice somebody was actually me.

Anyway... I kept promising the kids, Yes we will do it soon, Let's try this week, and When we all find white shirts.

The day finally came. Actually the days finally came. 

Wouldn't you know after I promised the kids that we would do the project TODAY, after chores, I read the directions. And they were way more complicated that I could have imagined. And I have an imagination.

Soak the shirts for 24 hours, dry them, add the paint tablets to water, let them dissolve for a few hours, squirt your shirts, let them soak up the dye for 24 hours...

But it was worth it.

First, the Rubber-banding.

The girls all chose the Bulls-eye design. That rubber-banding was very easy. Thank you girls. And thank you google.

Then the Dying.

Max wanted Swirl design. Yeah, not quite as easy. But of course doable with my good friend, Google.

And Ben decided to put 3 Bulls-eyes on his shirt. And it turned out pretty sweet.

Then the Waiting.

Followed by the De-rubber-banding.

And then the Rinsing. 

But the most fun was the Wearing and the Posing.

Did you catch the Pouter and Spiderman?

Bottom Line: 
Time consuming, fairly easy, room for creative expression, minimal cost, very fun. 

Recycling old stained t-shirts.

Kids' ratings:
4, 5, 3, 2, and 5

But I'm not fooled. They loved it!

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