Friday, December 7, 2012

And God answered

After a week and a half of praying, research, praying, talking in hushed tones so the kids wouldn't hear and lots of praying...

...God answered us!

There is a beautiful little girl on the other side of the world who will soon be ours!

She will turn 4 this month and she. is. beautiful.

I so wish I could show you a picture of her. She does indeed have chubby cheeks and a round belly. From the looks of things, it's from lots of rice and matoke and posho. 

God is so great! For many many reasons, obviously. But check this out. I have this thing with my girls' names. I love the Grace, Hope, Joy names and so my 3 daughters second names are An (Chinese for Peace), Hosanna (Greek for Praise) and Joy (English for Joy). Making sure you are stil with me.

Our 4th daughter's second name is Hebrew for Peace. I loved that. How cool is God?

Pretty cool.

So now what? Now we scramble for our paperwork like crazy people.

Normally people have months to get their paperwork to their agency. We have days. Fortunately we had most of them in our house (somewhere) from the last go 'round and so our scramble wasn't too bad.

This is almost a joke and so I'm sitting here shaking my head. 

The Ugandan courts close for the holidays December 15. As in A WEEK FROM TOMORROW. And our paperwork is on it's way from here to Washington. That's in America.

And yet, we are trying to get our paperwork to Uganda before next Saturday.

It's crazy. If it happens, it is SO God!

But either way, sometime early next year, WE GO GET OUR LITTLE GIRL!


  1. Praising God! Love how this has all unfolded....can't wait to see the rest of the story. Standing in faith with you all!

  2. Oh this is so exciting!!! Can't wait to meet her. Praying that all the pieces will come gloriously together...