Monday, December 17, 2012


Our paperwork is 
        on it's way!

That was after the first round of paper scrambling. I don't think I even brushed my teeth that day. Crazy day. I'm calculating how much we spent on the three overnight packages... Forget it! It was worth it!

Our paperwork is being sent to UGANDA and then we wait for a court date. Our agency was hoping for one in February but we are hearing from other adopting families that it could be more like March or April. Because of what happens on the farm in the spring, it's pretty important that my Sweet be home in April. So we keep praying! Because God can do anything!

There is always room for one more, right?


  1. You are fantastic. I already knew that simply because of the company you keep, and your crazy sense of style, but it is confirmed by reading your blog. I do hope you folks come to camp this year so we can keep getting to know eachother in person!

    1. i would so love to hang out at camp with you! i'm seeing some good excuses to bump into you for a long time. :)
      ps. i've been enjoying your blog!