Saturday, February 9, 2013

Getting Ready

These are the fun days. I'm doing things, real things, to prepare for our littlest princess! Not just reading adoption books or scanning African hair blogs, I'm buying and packing and buying some more.

I'm usually pretty tight with our money. I don't know what happened to that former me but she's pretty much a distant memory. 

On the bright side, our girlie has a beautiful court dress. And many, many more dresses. 

I must have come to my senses because yesterday I found myself passing on $5 summer dresses at Old Navy. 

And all those shoes in the picture... most of them were worn by my other girls. It sure is hard to know what shoes are going to fit. Surely with 4 pairs of shoes and 4 pair of flip-flops, something should fit. Right?

Then there are gifts from the kids to their new sister. 

Gifts for our Ugandan friends and sponsored kids.


6 weeks of toiletries.

And it's rather embarrassing how many granola bars are hidden in those suitcases. So I won't count them.

Four more days in America!


  1. I am so excited to find your blog and read that you are adopting a precious little girl that I have been praying for! I'm so glad that she will be in a loving family who will teach her about Jesus! God is so good to always provide!

    1. you have been praying for our little girl? a million thanks! how did you meet her?

  2. So happy with you!!! Can't wait to meet her... God be with you and wrap you all in a sparkly blanket of love. Safety for you as you travel, grace and patience for the kids as they wait. :o)

  3. Praying for a safe trip! We are very excited for you!!!

  4. Cari, welcome to Uganda! We are staying right by Watoto South Church. Our UG number is 0777047899...I am not sure how else to hook up with you:) I should be here about another week or 2 at the most! It would be fun to meet up somewhere or somehow. I know you guys are going to be REALLY busy so you let me know what might work. We are down to just our passport and then visa. Praying for your court hearing!!