Monday, April 22, 2013

Eva's First Month!

A whole month? It hardly seems possible. And yet, being in Uganda seems so very very long ago. So goes life, I guess.

It completely amazes me how much Eva Shalom has changed since coming home. Everyone always says they see changes in their adopted kid every single day. And I was always like, whatever. Exaggerations! But now I get it. We are excited about the littest things.

Week 1- Needed (or wanted?) help with the entire potty process.
          Would wander around the house all day flipping light switches off and on.
          Could hardly eek out a "potty" and just looked miserable instead.

Week 4- Pulls up her own undies, squirts her own soap, turns the water off.
          Actually plays with a dolly!
          Uses a few words like potty and cow, (Her naptime friend, not a real one.) and uses them loudly. I never thought I would be so happy to hear a kid say NO! 

So developmentally she is changing every week. Her gross motor skills and her fine are getting better and better. I love seeing that. 

Her language is coming. That is hard. I think she gets frustrated sometimes when she gibbers and gabbers and I just smile and nod. I guess pointing usually works. And it's hard to give a child expectations when they have no idea what you are saying. She totally gets "we are going bye-bye" and "no pushing" but explaining that dessert comes after the veggies is more complicated. 

Eva is learning to love her siblings! Yes, some more than others, but all the relationships are coming. She is still SO adored. Mia loves to take her potty and they all argue over who's turn it is to sit by her. I thought that would fade. It hasn't yet. 

Aren't sisters great!

There are so many new things and firsts for Eva. Like learning how to blow bubbles in your milk.

And eating your very own sundae. 

This little girl is busy busy busy. Like 2 year old busy. Like toilet paper is fascinating busy. Today I was vacuuming the living room and Eva was with me. She was right here! And then for a second she was not. And then she was here again and there was a strange dinging from the kitchen. It was the microwave. 

So sometimes when I really do have to get something done, I wear her on my back. She loves that even more than I do. Although if it's after lunch, she wilts right into a nap.

Everyone has been asking me, How's it going?

To which I reply, Good! Some days are hard and frustrating. Like with any of my kids. There is a lot of adjusting to do. Both on her end and on all of ours. But the good heavily out weighs the bad and it is so very worth it! We love our Eva Shalom!

Now this Mama is going to go tuck yet another person into bed, herself. 
Because chasing a giggling toddler around the house takes lots of energy.
And tomorrow is another day.


  1. Carissa, love hearing about your family, so glad i found you here! Eva looks so happy and i was fascinated to read about how the transition is going. Have you ever read the blog "Under the Sycamore"? I follow her on instagram, they are on a similar journey and maybe she would be encouraging to you. Maybe not! Either way, glad you are all doing well!
    Amy (formerly Hostetler)

  2. Love meeting your daughter- God Bless

  3. Girl, i have wall color envy! I love that blue!!