Sunday, January 26, 2014

11 Reasons

Adoption is not always a float down lazy river. 
It has it's challenges. 
And sometimes it's easy to get stuck on them and forget all the super great things that come with adoption.

Not today! 
Today I celebrate 11 fun things about adopting our little African princess.

#1. Our family is now part Ugandan! We can celebrate their holidays and fit some of their beautiful culture into our already crazy life. Yes!

#2. We have yet another excuse to travel internationally FOR THE REST OF OUR LIVES! 

#3. For Eva, everything is brand new and oh-so-interesting. The first time she saw a Christmas tree she became unglued with excitement. And I think we were just in Kmart so it wasn't even that stellar of a tree. But we get to see so many things through brand new eyes. 

#4. No potty is ever too gross/scary/traumatic for her. With my other littles, they would be scrunching their crotches, doing the bunny hop with yellow-tinted eyes but one look at the Port-A-John would send them running in horror. Not our Eva. There could be hissing snakes in those potties and she wouldn't bat an eye. Bless her heart.

#5. English. Eva didn't speak it when she came to us and it has been a long time coming. But the fun part is hearing her switch her words. 
Shivering at the pool, "Napkin Mom!" (towel)
Messy hands at the dinner table, "Towel Mom!" (napkin)
"Mom, let's go down the alligator!" (elevator)

#6. I've been introduced to coconut oil and my life will never be the same. 

#7. Speaking of coconut oil, Eva's skin is so beautiful, I could just lick it.

#8. I identify with so many more people. It is not just the young moms or the pale people any more, but the interracial families/couples, the adoptive families, the minorities, the curly-heads and the tired people. 

#9. I'm pretty sure they don't waste any food in Uganda. This was the first time we gave her a chicken drumstick. The crunch-crunch-crunch was a little give-away that her chicken eating habits were different from ours.

#10. She loves her clothes! This might not seem like a big deal unless you have a 7-year-old who recently picked up a lot of opinions about clothes. But Eva is thrilled to have drawers full of clothes just for her! For the first 6 months she would hold up clothes and ask "Eva?" She loves them all. 

#11. Eva is showing us what it looks like to be adopted. Because my adoption into God's family isn't in my face every day, I can forget how it transforms me. And how I still have adoption issues. But more on that another time. God is teaching us so much through Eva!

Photo by Impressions Photography

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