Saturday, February 15, 2014


Do you remember what you were doing last
February 15?

I remember that day very well. 

Jet lag + Jump-outta-yo-skin-excitement = some really weird emotions

That was the day we got to meet our little Shalom. What a day it was! 

The First Meeting  
         Starring Eva Shalom

If this video does not play then it's us, not you. Sorry.

It might have looked like she was ready to let some tears run loose there at the end but she really didn't. She didn't say anything. We talked to her for a few minutes and then I swiped her up. 

To hear more juicy details of that day, you can read this post.

It is amazing how much Eva has changed from that day! I know everyone says that. 

When we first met her, I was surprised how small she was! Chubby-cheeked but short and weighing 33 pounds. Last week she weighed in at 40! Yeah baby! 

When we first met her, she did not speak English! We were not prepared for that. We were told she did because at the home where she lived the adults talked English and English is the official language of Uganda. But I guess Luganda was the preferred language of the Aunties in the home. And so we learned a few words in Luganda, taught her the word for potty and stumbled through the rest of it. 

And now... Eva is speaking English! Finally! Many adoptive families told us "Oh, don't worry. In 3 months she will be speaking like a pro." Pardon my guffaw. She can now get her point across very well and understand most of what we say. She still has a lot of holes in her vocabulary but it's coming. Thank you Jesus!

When we first met her, she was so serious and quiet. She wasn't smiling in any of the referral photos we got and so we were ready for a sad little girl. Ha! What a false front! Eva was smiling within minutes after meeting us. And quiet? Let's just say that she now fits in very well with our very rambunctious family. A year ago I wouldn't have believed I would have to tell her to talk quieter but I do, regularly.

Referral picture, Summer 2012
Don't you just want to squish her cheeks?

Gotcha Day, February 2013
The first smile!

Today, celebrating 1 year together!

And this was our celebratory lunch. Yes those are pj's, thanks for noticing. Yes that is my oldest giving the camera a train wreck. 
No pretense here.

We are so happy God put Eva into our family! It was not his first choice and there was a lot of loss for our little princess before she found us, but God is stellar at redeeming situations and people. 

We are so blessed to have this little sweet and sassy girl as our very own!

So see ya later, First Year Home. You will not be missed!

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  1. Love you friend!!!! Cheers to the first year being over! xoxo