Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Chasers and Personal Space

My favorite song in the whole world, at this one moment, is Chasing You by Jenn Johnson. Love love love LOVE IT! 

I'm chasing you
With all my love
I just can't get enough
I'll spend my days
Running after your heart

For us Jesus People, there isn't a whole lot of debate to WHO we are chasing. Um, Jesus! Who else?

But it makes a difference WHY we are chasing.

I read the first few chapters in Mark's Gospel this morning (40 Days thru the New Testiment for Lent with Margeret F!)  and I noticed something:
Jesus had practically NO PERSONAL SPACE. 

He healed his first guy, and BAM! People glommed onto him every.where.he.went.  

People squished into his house until there was no more room, nor was there room on his porch!

GAA! I wonder if he ever had moments of just taking a deep deep breath and imaging wide open spaces. And noone tapping his arms.

Crowds... Large crowds...many people...

"When Jesus saw the crowds, he told his followers to get a boat ready for him to keep people from crowding against him. He had healed many people so all the sick were pushing toward him to touch him."   Mark 3:9,10

People were pushing Jesus right into the water! 

One day when Jesus walks home to have his lunch, there were so many people chasing him that there wasn't even room for him and his followers to EAT! In his own home! 

This is what struck me: those Jesus Chasers who were ON him, pushed up against him, didn't want to miss anything... they disappeared really fast when it got difficult for Jesus. Vanished. Vamoosed.

Why were they chasing? It looks like they just wanted the healing. And the free bread. And the entertainment. Now there were, of course, some people who were true followers and (semi)stuck with Jesus to the end. 
But not the majority. Not the crowds.

Why did Jesus want them to chase him? 
Why does Jesus want US to chase him?
He wants us to chase him for his heart!

What guy wants to be loved for his good looks or the car or the money? 
I really don't know the answer to that question. Not very many? I hope.

Jesus wants us to chase his heart!
What does he love? What makes him tick? What are his favorite things in the world? What is he passionate about? What does he want out of life?

He wants us to know him!

Jesus' miracles and his healings and the good things he gives us are awesome and mind-blowing but WHO JESUS IS and KNOWING HIS HEART... 

There is no comparison!

Why are you chasing? 
Keep running after him until you find his heart! It is worth it, so worth it!

I'm running after you
I wanna be where you are

I'm chasing you 
I'm so in love
I just can't get enough
I'll spend my days
Running after your heart


  1. Hi, I am really gonna start following you more closely. We are getting closer and closer to actually traveling and I realize I have so much to learn, every time I read your blog I feel so encouraged. You are so down to earth and normal about everything. Thanks for being real!

    1. Hi Beautiful! :) I'm so glad my normal-ness makes you feel better. Ha! What is normal, right?
      Hoping your adoption happens so quickly and painfree. But if it doesn't, God will hold ya together!