Thursday, June 12, 2014

At It Again!

If Google is telling me that the average American family has 2 kids and Popular Parenting Sites are convinced that The Big Family is making a come back because Posh and a handful of others have 3 [THREE] kids...

Then a lot of us are really tipping the Family Scale.

Even though might think we are crazy for wanting another one, we know that if God has put this on our hearts, we would be crazy for ignoring God.

We are adopting again! This time we feel our (last?) baby is right here in this country, so we are going the domestic infant route. 

Why? Why would we do this? Don't we have enough kids? Just... Why? 

And look, they are always cooperative.

So many reasons, I guess. 

If God wouldn't have adopted us into his family, where would we be? 
We adopt because we were adopted.

But lately another reason has surfaced for me and it's just burning on my heart.

Have you seen all of the recent news about abortion? There are videos and stories and pictures and it's ugly. I was stunned this morning watching some really graphic videos and my heart just sank and sank. It is pitiful. It is wrong. It is sickening.

As one of Jesus' People, I hate abortion! Maybe you are with me. We HATE it! It is murder and we want to protest and cry and yell in disgust. We feel anger. We feel fury. We are outraged. Ever Ever!
Because we value life.

Do you feel these things too?

We are right to feel like this. Killing babies is ugly and it should never be. 

But how do we really value life? Is it JUST with our lips? With our anger?

For as long as I can remember I have felt outraged with abortion. But I have not had much of an outlet for my Pro-Life stance. Do I picket? Do I walk around my town looking for pregnant women to befriend? Should I get pro-life bumper stickers for my van? How often can I wear my Choose Life shirts?

I've said that I value tiny lives but I don't always know how to live it.

Does anyone resonate with that?

Right now God is giving me and my sweetheart a chance to put some action behind our words. And I'm so excited!

It is easy to be shocked at the number of babies aborted every year. This year, 2014, will leave 1 million babies aborted. Read more stats and info at

But if God sees those babies who never live to see their first day, we must believe that he does have families for them! Could you be one of them too? If abortion would end in America today, where would those babies go? 

If your heart has felt impassioned about abortion, maybe God is asking you to do something. If God is NOT calling you to adopt, he just might have ANOTHER way for you to value life. Because GOD LOVES LIFE! AND GOD LOVES BABIES! 

And God can find homes for everyone of those 1 million babies who will be aborted this year. 

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  1. Super exciting! I am thrilled for you. Can't wait to see this all unfold for you. Maybe you will have a new baby by the time I do!