Sunday, July 6, 2014

Wow! That Was Fast!

The last day of school for our kids was Wednesday, June 11. It was a half day and our tradition is to go to our favorite ice cream spot and basically eat a giant bowl of fudge ripple for lunch. Noone really complains.

We moms were talking and one asked about our adoption. I told her that we really don't have any control over the timing. We could be matched tomorrow or in one year from now. Who knows.

I wonder if God did a little snicker and winked at Jesus. 

An hour after that conversation, I was sitting on the deck while the kids played in the pool and I received a very interesting phone call. It was about a baby boy and he was due to be born on MONDAY. As in, 5 days away. 

Why not? 

So we said we were interested and waited for some paperwork to go thru and our family to actually be matched.

We waited Thursday. 

We waited Friday. As I was icing Zoe's birthday cake for her party, we got THE CALL. Yes! We were matched! Yes! This baby was our's! We showed the kids the ultrasound picture. They were thrilled, especially because it was a boy.

The next morning at 9:30 Jon informed me that the birth mom was in labor and I should pack my bags and he would look for tickets to Alabama. 

I didn't even panic. I think I went into slow motion. I wasn't having super clear thoughts. 

I did realize that I didn't have one single onesie for my new baby and babies need a lot of stuff. So my oldest daughter and I raced to the outlet malls and started shopping really really fast. 

Jon was a hero! He took slumber party kids home, picked up one of our kids, took care of his brother, bought me and Madison plane tickets AND fed the kids lunch. Hero.

By 5 pm, we were on our way to the airport, after a quick trip to the ER because one of our 7 year olds poked her eye with a stick while dancing in the kitchen (what?) and there was blood and wailing. 
Ps. Mia is fine.

Discovery: if I only have one child with me, I make very poor eating choices. 
Madi and I are eating donuts at the airport.

Our plane arrived in Atlanta at 9:30 and as soon as I switched my phone on, my Sweet called with the news: Our son was born!!

My mother-in-law met us in Atlanta and we rented a car and drove to Alabama. It was so very nice to have her with us. She was my chauffer, driving to the lawyer's office, Babies R Us, and finally, on Monday afternoon, to the hospital. 

Josiah Thomas Jonathon was just as sweet as I had been imagining. 

It was our great honor to meet Josiah's birth mom and grandma. Birth moms are such brave souls. This one has my gratitude and my love forever.

Because this was an out of state adoption, Josiah couldn't cross state lines until both of the states gave their approval, which takes a week or so. So my Sweet Hero drove a van full of kids 12 hours south so our family could all be together. And we made a mini-vaca out of it. But really, the main event was the little brother. There is nothing like introducing your husband to his son. And watching your kids hold their brother for the first time. Ahh, makes a mama's heart happy.

But as fun as it was having our family of 9 in a 500 square foot suite, home never looked better! 

And that is how Josiah found us and we fell in love with him. 

God, you are one funny guy. And oh so GOOD!

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