Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Most Adored Baby in the Universe

We pretty much had our first five bam, bam, bam, bambam. Pretty much intentionally. The first 2 were almost 2 years apart and then they kept getting closer together. Max and Mia were 15 minutes apart and I guess you can't get much closer than that. 

And then we had a baby drought. 

We thought we were finished. 

Years went by and we brought home a toddler/preschooler. A preschooler who toddled. 

And then, after a 7.5 year drought, we had a baby!

We weren't as rusty as we might have thought. Most things came back really quickly. Like how babies have that sweet little spoiled milk smell in their neck rolls and you have to tilt their heads back just so to get the cheese. Like how quick you need to be with the new diaper during a change. Like how to carry your infant while pouring juice and stirring the eggs and letting your preschooler put her art project around your ankle. It all comes back.

But this time we have so. many. helpers.

Never would I have imagined this conversation:

Kid- Mom can I hold Josiah?

Me- I need to change him and then you can.

Kid- I'll change him!

Me- He has a poop.

Kid- I'll change him!

After a few weeks of life, there was a moment in time when nooone was holding Josiah. He put up quite the stink about that. 

Yes, that is a swimming suit and yes, those are 6 year old girls' socks. 

Can you blame anyone? Look at that sweet face!

And {swoon} those squishy cheeks just sagging with chubs! 
Hundreds. Those cheeks have seen hundreds of kisses!

Who would have thought the pack 'n play would be such a big hit?? Did you know they can hold 175 lbs?

Even though these brothers are not very close in age, they sure like each other a lot. At least that's what my husband says when they trip and tackle and pants each other. Josiah, you have so much to look forward to!

Not only do our kids ADORE their baby brother, then there are the Grandmas, the Grandpas, the Aunts, the Uncles and the Cousins. At our family reunion this summer, Josiah hung out with twice as many relatives as I did! So loved!

And then we bring him around our church. ADORED. After my oldest had carried Josiah around for a few minutes he brought him back to me and said "Please take him. I don't want to do that again." Why sweetie? "I could't walk, people were all over Josiah. Four people took him out of my arms just from here to the cafe!" 

Have you ever heard me brag about our families and our church family?  They are completely bragable. That's a word, right?

Our Baby Jojo, he is SO LOVED! 

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