Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Not Stressing, Just Waiting Patiently. Ha!

I've been sorta an emotional mess this past week. Waiting for my babies isn't really a new thing for me. After all, I had to wait for the other 5 for months! With the first one we didn't know if he was gonna be a boy or girl until he squeaked out. He actually didn't squeak or even cry. More like a grunt.


With this paper pregnancy, we are in the dark about the ages and genders which, ask my hubby, is starting to really drive me crazy. I know, I'm supposed to be waiting patiently on God. I AM! Trying.

The difference is... with my first 5 I was there, protecting them, giving them the nutrition they needed through cheeseburgers and vitamins. I fed them, clothed them, protected them, talked to them, all things that I cannot do with my new babies. That just really hit me as sad.

I have no control over their lives. I hope that their little bellies are full of milk and rice and chicken. I hope they have warm mommy arms to hold them and cuddle them. I hope they have a safe and warm place to sleep at night. But it's out of my hands. 

So I'm learning to rest in Jesus.
I pretty much have to remind myself hourly.
I know he loves them.
I know his eye is on them.

I have always loved Psalm 145 and this morning that is where my Bible fell open to.

"He gives food to the hungry...
...He defends the orphans and widows."

My soul finds rest in God alone.
I'm counting on God!

I'm counting on God... I'm counting on God... I'm counting on God... I'm counting on God...

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  1. oh Carissa ... this made me cry. What a beautiful heart you have - I'll be praying for a supernatural peace. love you guys!