Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Lesson #3

While we were in Uganda last month, we learned A lot!
And after we came home, we just kept learning.
As in, oh... I think God was doing da dada da da.
Oh... I get it, I get it. Now.

One thing that I have learned is kind of hard to write about. Maybe I'm a little nervous about getting flack or getting beat up. Maybe because it's still so raw and so personal for me. 

But maybe this will help someone out there.

So here goes.

First let me say that I LOVE to read adoption blogs! My guilty pleasure is following a dozen (or two) of them. They totally inspire me!

A lot of the blogs that I read are those crazy-lady blogs where the family has like 12 kids and they homeschool and eat organic and keep adopting special needs kids. And pretty much make my life look like a piece of pie. 

So I'm always thinking sheesh, if they can do that than surely I can do this!

It is a good thing but it can also be a negative thing.


I am not them.

Maybe I took that inspiration and turned it into a mandate. Maybe I thought God was asking me to do the same thing as he was asking them to do. Yeah, that is pretty much what I thought.

I know that sounds crazy. I would have totally said "no, no! I know God doesn't ask everyone to do the same things. I know he gave everyone different gifts. Hello! Of course I know that."

But somehow my mind went there.

After having a cutie pie with severe special needs in our care for a week and hearing God say "this is not your son, this is not your load to carry" I understand now that:

Not everyone who is called to adopt is called to adopt the kids with handicaps. 

And I'm guessing some people with disagree with me on that. This is just what I feel God is teaching me.

So there is NO GUILT!

When filling out the special needs section in your home study, ask God what he has for your family. If you are doing what you feel God is asking you to do there is NO GUILT!

There are people who have been asked to do that. Awesome! Those kids desperately need families. My highest respect to those families.

But let's not compare ourselves with others and what God has given them to do. Let's ask God, what do you want ME to do and not look over our shoulders at others and what they are doing.

This also means no judging. 

They don't answer to me and I don't answer to them.

We answer to God.

That feels a little rambling. I hope you hear my heart on this. And I hope that you don't feel any judgement about adopting or not adopting or who to adopt or where to adopt from.

God is GENTLE. God is GOOD. God gives strength for everything he asks us to do!

This poster is hanging in the house of some friends of ours in Uganda.
The 12 year old son fasted and prayed until his mama came to Jesus.
Now the mom is plastering Scripture all over the walls.

Just a little bubbly for the soul! 

God is GOOD! He is so so GOOD!


  1. good stuff- all of it. i got goosebumps.

  2. Yes! Love this, and love your humility in sharing what you learned. There is so much truth in this post!