Sunday, September 30, 2012

Changes for Mighty Max

Many kind people who know about Max's eating issues often ask how he's doing. It's nice to know people care. Even though all I can usually say is About the same.

I wrote about Max before and his story. You can catch it HERE.

Max has been using a feeding tube for 4 years now. We give him whole milk with Carnation Breakfast powder 4 times a day. After he eats what he wants is coaxed into eating, he gets his milk to fill in the gaps.

Until last week.

We went to see his Nutritionalist and got some good news!

For the past year Max has been on the growth charts. Even if his little dot was swinging from the bottom thin line, HE WAS ON. But last week we discovered that he is in the 5th percentile! Oh yeah!

So at 6 years old, he weighs 38 pounds. He is definitely growing but sort of needs to make up for lost time. 

We came up with a plan.

We are cutting his Mighty Fattening Milk in half. So at school, he will drink plain milk like everyone else. At dinnertime, he will drink water or whatever the family is having. Our hope is that he would feel a lot more hungry and take that into his own hands and PIG.OUT.

<Big deep breath>

I found myself getting really nervous as I discussed this with Mrs. Nutritionalist. It feels like I have fought a war for every single one of those 38 pounds. Oh God, please don't let him lose weight now!

So I'm trusting God. 

I was prepared for a week or even a month of this calorie slashing, but Mrs. Expert says it will take 3 months to see if it's working.

Trusting you, God!

Max Isaiah at his 6th Birthday party last night. What a goof!

Thanks for those of you who have said prayers for Max and have asked me how he's doing. I so appreciate it! 

Please pray with me that MAX FINDS HIS APPETITE!

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