Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Is that Odd or is that God?

So, as you may be aware of by now,
         the adoption process can be LONG.

We made the decision to adopt 24 months ago.

Which means, our youngest two had just turned 4. We thought it would be nice to have the two newbies be around two years younger than the last two. (Follow that?)

So we requested our CIS (the important government paper) to say we are approved for ages 0-3, since they told us it would be 1 year until we got our babies.

Then God laughed.

Well I don't know for sure what he did but I do know that the past few months my hubby and I talked a lot about changing those ages. 

We sort of went around and around.

Won't we have to reapply for our CIS? Doesn't that takes a month or two. Groan.

Won't we have to redo our homestudy too? Ga-roan. (We have done two already.)

What ages could we say yes too? 

Then the Male Half said, We should change the ages to 0-6.

Then the Female Half said, I don't know if I'm comfortable with 6, but I would be good with 0-5.

And the conversation ended without deciding how exactly we were going to go about this.

The very next day an envelope came in the mail and I ripped it open. It was our CIS renewal that I totally forgot would be coming. Hello!

And this is what it said:

I don't even mind God laughing. He's right, he is funny.

To clarify, we did not request the ages to be changed. Is that Odd or is that God?

We were like Dude! This is awesome! This must be a sign! Let's get our homestudy redone asap!

I flip my giant folder open to find our Homestudy and on the last page I read:
             "approved for ages 0-5."

Apparently our smarty-pants social worker had thought ahead and just approved us for 0-5 just in case. Gotta love that lady.

So this might not seem like a big deal to anyone else but to us it does.

To us it says: God has not forgotten about our family. He is doing something. He has some kiddos he is getting our family ready for.

Odd or God?

I'm going with God!


  1. Yay for God and smarty-pants social workers!!

    1. Yay!!
      and i'm happy you have a blog. you are gonna LOVE uganda!

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