Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Court Date!

Oh yes we do! 
We have a Court Date for February 19!

It is such a relief to finally know when we are going. Which is in 3 weeks!!

Gifts to buy, 
doctor appointments to set up,
meals to freeze,
bedrooms to get ready,
bags to pack.

Oh to have our little girl sitting on a chair around our 
table instead of sitting there in her picture frame!


  1. what exciting news!! no winter blaah's for the yoders! we are so happy for you. --annie c.

    1. thanks for your happy thoughts! this winter has no room for blah. :)

  2. Oh, happy day. I'm so happy for you. I'm just coming back from meeting my son for the first time.

    1. oh yea for you!! when do you get to bring him home?

    2. He will not come home for 8-9 months. Friend me on face book and you can see some pictures

  3. Found your blog (obviously)! We'll be looking forward to hearing about your trip!!

  4. This is awesome Cari! We are here in UG and are having an amazing time with our little man. My hubs leaves on the 19th but I'm assuming I'll be here for a while longer:) Check in and maybe we can have a Ugandan playdate:)
    Here's my email: