Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Kids and the Supernatural

No I don't have any adoption news this morning but I have something else on my mind.

God has been teaching me about the supernatural. Not like creepy dark stuff, although I know that is out there too. God has been teaching me how to tune in to His Spirit and what He is doing that can't be seen or heard with our natural ears and eyes.

I love it!

Then Heidi Baker (who else) opened my eyes to this crazy thought that God speaks to kids! Here is a link to her book Compelled by Love. Yes, I will admit that I was a little surprised at the stories. You are telling me that little kids can hear God's voice and see God's pictures more clearly than I can? Even though I've been following God forever? Grown up in the church? Read my Bible cover to cover?

But it seems to line up with Scripture and with God's heart. 

Doesn't he tell us to become like little children if we want to enter his kingdom? (Matthew 18:2,3; 19:4,5)

Then I stumbled upon this book:
Children and the Supernatural: True accounts of kids unlocking the power of God by visions, healing and miracles by Jennifer Toledo

I'm only halfway though it and it is so much fun. God loves to show people he loves them! He loves to encounter them and show up in all kinds of ways. 

The book starts out with many stories from Kenya of street kids who gave their hearts to Jesus and started worshiping him and seeing the sick made well. There are normal kids in the West who are experiencing God in very real, supernatural ways. Visions, dreams, healing, dates with Jesus!

What is it about kids? I think it might be their simple faith.

Years ago I took the class How to Hear God's Voice by Mark Virkler that our local church was teaching. LOVED IT! And then I started teaching my kids how to hear God's voice too. But it took a lot of time and well, let's face it, I'm so human and it didn't last long.

But lately I've been stirred up again to train my kids how to connect with God on the spirit level. There is so much that I believe God wants to say to my kids, show my kids and do through my kids! 

I've got some great friends who have been doing this with their kids for years and I love the fruit of this in their lives.

This morning I got to see some fruit of listening to God's Spirit in one of my kids.

Our community had a  prayer meeting inside the school (yes, there was prayer in school today!) to ask God's blessing and protection on our kids and faculty and it was a really great thing to experience with other moms and dads and teachers. 

After the prayer time was over I went to my two oldest and asked them if they had gotten anything from God, a picture, a word, anything. My 11 year old at first said no. Then he went on to tell me that he saw a mist or a fog in the school. 
Inside the building?
In the classrooms? Halls?
Yes, everywhere. 
Up by the ceiling?
No, everywhere, Mom. All the way down to the floor.
Hmm. That's great Son. What do you think it was?
I think it was the Holy Spirit!

Thank you Holy Spirit!
Thank you for your thick presence in our school.
Thank you for your thick presence on my son!

I don't know about you, but if God is speaking to my kids, giving them pictures, dreams and putting words in their spirits to pray, I want to teach them to pay attention and I want to pay attention too!

I want to learn!

I want to be like the little children with blind faith, with open hearts towards God. Make me childlike Daddy God!

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